Will infrastructure spending lead to economic growth?


Why is the Transportation Department discouraging spending infrastructure funds on projects that could increase capacity on roads and bridges in favor of promoting projects such as bike paths?

Why is the government closing mining operations that can contribute to the supply of minerals that are necessary for the production of batteries and other components of the electric vehicles that are crucial to the government’s energy transition?

How are recent changes to environmental regulations affecting projects to improve the nation’s infrastructure?

How is the government considering the impact of proposed regulatory changes on infrastructure?

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Critical Minerals Order Continues “Great Transition” Approach; Ignores Pain at Pump

Last Thursday, President Biden announced that the Administration would be invoking the Defense Production Act in an attempt to ease potential supply chain issues for electric vehicle components. This order will move funds to private projects for feasibility studies surrounding the extraction of minerals that are essential to building electric vehicle batteries such as lithium, cobalt, graphite, nickel, and manganese. The invocation of this act is the latest attempt from the Administration to move the American public away from gasoline and towards electric vehicles.

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