Critical Minerals Order Continues “Great Transition” Approach; Ignores Pain at Pump

The Federal government reiterates that the only way to lower gas prices is not to use gas at all.

April 7, 2022

(Washington, DC) – Last Thursday, President Biden announced that the Administration would be invoking the Defense Production Act in an attempt to ease potential supply chain issues for electric vehicle components. This order will move funds to private projects for feasibility studies surrounding the extraction of minerals that are essential to building electric vehicle batteries such as lithium, cobalt, graphite, nickel, and manganese. The invocation of this act is the latest attempt from the Administration to move the American public away from gasoline and towards electric vehicles.

This decision comes as the United States is experiencing the highest gas prices in history for the second month in a row. While the Administration continues to point the finger at Russia and the invasion of Ukraine, inflation and rising gas prices preceded Russian tanks rolling toward Kyiv. If the Administration’s effort to encourage more supply of essential minerals is successful, it could reduce America’s reliance on China, but it remains uncertain how this move would ease any inflation concerns or alleviate energy prices in the short-term.

FGI has repeatedly expressed concerns over the federal government’s perplexing response and actions taken attempting to reduce gas prices. Opening up the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and calls to hostile dictators have formed the crux of their approach while requests to reconsider opposition to pipeline infrastructure and oil and gas leases and financing have repeatedly been rejected. The question of which special interests are influencing the government’s anti-fossil fuel policy amid an energy crisis remains the focus of several of FGI’s ongoing investigations and requests for government records. This latest effort only confirms the public interest in finding more answers about how the Administration is functioning.

Peter McGinnis, spokesman for FGI, issued the following statement:

“Exploring the expansion of domestic extraction of minerals is a good step because it may create jobs for the next generation of American workers, but it does not tackle the current fuel crisis. We are on month two of ‘we will do everything we can to lower gas prices,’” yet nothing of substance has been done to accomplish that – as you can see every time you fill up your tank. Either the Administration is hoping the problem will fix itself or that Americans will surrender to astronomically high gas prices. Neither scenario appears plausible. Along with inflation in general, energy prices are crushing the American dream. FGI will continue its investigation of which special interests are dictating the government’s handling of this energy crisis.”