‘Nothing of substance has been done’: FGI criticizes Biden’s energy policy

By John Kelly (Houston Daily)

April 18, 2022

The Biden administration’s latest decision pertaining to high gas prices has been to invoke the Defense Production Act, which pertains to electric vehicles, not American energy production.

This is the newest area of concern for the Functional Government Initiative (FGI), and has prompted their most recent government investigation.

“Exploring the expansion of domestic extraction of minerals is a good step because it may create jobs for the next generation of American workers, but it does not tackle the current fuel crisis,” Functional Government Initiative Spokesman Peter McGinnis said. “We are on month two of ‘We will do everything we can to lower gas prices,’ yet nothing of substance has been done to accomplish that – as you can see every time you fill up your tank. Either the administration is hoping the problem will fix itself or that Americans will surrender to astronomically high gas prices. Neither scenario appears plausible. Along with inflation in general, energy prices are crushing the American dream. FGI will continue its investigation of which special interests are dictating the government’s handling of this energy crisis.”

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