McGinnis: ‘FGI will be appealing the FTC’s decision to withhold all documents related to a possible investigation into the oil and gas industry’

By Andy Nghiem (DOJ Newswire)

March 29, 2022

The Biden administration is continuing to place the blame on the oil and gas industry for sky-high American gas prices, but the Functional Government Initiative (FGI) believes that the administration’s own energy policies is causing gas prices to skyrocket.

The FGI recently requested access to Federal Trade Commission (FTC) documents regarding their ongoing investigation of the oil and gas industry to determine how the Biden administration’s energy policies may be impacting the cost of oil and gas, according to the FGI’s website. The request was denied, which leads the FGI to believe that gas prices are a result of the administration’s energy policies, not profiteering or price gouging by the oil and gas industry.

In recent weeks, President Joe Biden repeated his belief that the oil and gas industry may be price gouging or profiteering, this time citing the war between Russia and Ukraine. The FGI asserted that this statement simply reflects broader opposition to the domestic oil and gas industry, or an attempt to shift blame from the federal government’s role in driving inflation higher over the past year. Although there is proof of pump prices being on the rise before the war in Ukraine, FGI said the domestic oil and gas industry appears to be a constant bogeyman for the Biden administration.

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