Lack of U.S. energy independence concerns the Functional Government Initiative while gas prices rise in NC

Nantahala News

March 15, 2022

In light of the Biden administration’s announcement of an immediate ban on all U.S. imports of Russian oil, the Functional Government Initiative  (FGI) is worried about the impact of President Biden’s energy policies on rising energy costs in the U.S.

“Last week we  expressed our  concerns regarding the reluctance to  sanction  the Russian  energy market  and announced that we would be  seeking  information  surrounding that  decision,” FGI spokesman Peter McGinnis  said in a statement March 9. “However, the current  situation creates  the  fear that we may  be moving from funding Russia’s  war machine to  paying  the dictator in  Venezuela and the state  sponsors of terrorism  in Iran.  The concerns of  the Functional  Government Initiative remain.  We will  continue working  to expose the  dysfunction of government and  investigate  the impact of  today’s energy  policy on our foreign  policy and  near-record levels of  inflation.”

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