Lack of U.S. energy independence concerns the Functional Government Initiative: ‘We will continue working to expose the dysfunction of government’

By Andy Nghiem (Eastern Wayne Today)

March 16, 2022

The Functional Government Initiative (FGI) expressed concern over President Joe Biden’s recent energy policies and has addressed the rising costs of energy in the U.S.

Following the decision to ban all U.S. imports of Russian oil, the FGI continues to be concerned about the current energy policies the White House has in place. The organization is confident their investigation will yield vital results and help them better understand the energy priorities of the federal government.

FGI said in late February that they are seeking full transparency from government agencies in the following areas: actions to slow gas price hikes using emergency powers; calls for investigating the meat and energy industries; efforts to hinder domestic fossil fuel production, halt pipeline approvals, and shut down American mines; and considerations behind the decision to re-nominate a Federal Reserve chairman who has presided over 40-year highs in inflation.

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