Lack of U.S. energy independence concerns the Functional Government Initiative: ‘For years, Washington’s dysfunction has enraged the American public’

By Glenn Minnis (Albany Standard)

March 16, 2022

With energy costs on the rise across the country, Functional Government Initiative (FGI) members are now expressing concerns that some of President Joe Biden’s energy policies may be doing more harm than good, in terms of gaining control of the situation.

As the war in Ukraine rages on, White House officials recently announced the administration’s plans to ban imports of Russian oil into the country.  

“While FGI commends this decision, the American people have legitimate concerns about the impact of energy policy on rising prices, not only on energy but also across the economy,” FGI officials said in the release. “Concerns don’t end there. News about the decision to move away from Russian imports came alongside developments that may simply result in Americans’ depreciating dollar being redirected to another set of hostile foreign governments.”

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