FDA’s Anti-Vape Stance Helps Chinese E-Cigs Thrive

By Pete McGinnis (RealClearHealth)

Esco Bars is the new “bathtub gin.” A century on from alcohol prohibition and the same spirit that couldn’t kill spirits is failing against unregulated e-cigarettes. And just as the absence of sanctioned distillations made room for moonshine and rot gut, domestic vapes are being supplemented (to put it mildly) by products that are cheaper to make and more potent. But this time around, we don’t need a constitutional amendment to tackle the problem created by the last constitutional amendment.

Instead, we need the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – specifically its Center for Tobacco Products (CTP) – to use its budget and do its job (with a little help from Border Patrol, but more on that later). The FDA was given jurisdiction over e-cigarettes in 2016. E-cigarettes and other vapes have been marketed as a healthier alternative to smoking – delivering nicotine without tar and some other byproducts of tobacco. They have helped many smokers quit and are therefore considered a harm-reduction tool.

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