About Us

The Functional Government Initiative (FGI) is dedicated to improving the American public’s awareness about the officials, decisions, and priorities of their government. We do this through investigative research, analysis and education.

Chris Stanley


Chris Stanley is a public policy professional with more than 20 years of experience in Washington. He served for many years in senior legislative roles in both the House and the Senate, gaining a detailed understanding of how Congress and the federal government function. He also led the congressional and intergovernmental affairs staff at the U.S. Census Bureau for nearly three years leading up to and during the 2020 Census.

Peter McGinnis

Communications Director

Peter McGinnis is a communications and research professional who has worked for political campaigns and non-profit clients in his short but successful career. He worked for national campaigns and organizations before leaving for the world of public advocacy. Peter is passionate about transparency in government. He is a graduate of Temple University, earning a dual degree in political science and economics.


In a deeply divided America, we come to the table with the values and beliefs of working Americans, strong families and thriving communities. There are principles that unite us as a country rather than tear us apart. We want to set aside red and blue ideas in search of answers that will give the American people a better, more fulfilling life. Our four principles are simple and, we believe, are shared across the political spectrum – a thriving economy, a healthy America, a strong and equitable workforce, and a safe and clean environment.

Yet achieving these goals can often require an educated public that insists on transparency and integrity from their elected officials. The Functional Government Initiative is a nonpartisan organization that exists to demand this transparency and promote these shared values and beliefs. We do this through investigations, litigation, and education around the most important issues and policies standing between us and a bright American future.